Renova Fort Ross Foundation


Renova Fort Ross Foundation

The Renova Fort Ross Foundation is a public charitable foundation dedicated to Fort Ross State Historic Park. Our mission is to promote the preservation and to raise awareness of Fort Ross throughout the United States and Russia.


Fort Ross, the first European colony on the north coast of California and the home_contentimgsouthernmost Russian settlement in the North American continent, was a thriving place between 1812 and 1841. It was first comprised of twenty-five Russians, many of them craftsmen, and eighty Aleuts. Although the territory was fortified, the settlement served as a commercial not a military outpost. The Fort’s Russian settlers were the first to introduce to the area shipbuilding and windmills, natural science, agriculture and conservation practices.



FR_Harvest_0131The vibrant community at Fort Ross hosts a variety of cultural festivals, traditional harvest celebrations, music events, poetry readings and more. Among the most popular annual events are the Harvest festival, Cultural Heritage Day, and the Windmill Turning.  Surrounded by world renowned wineries, luxury lodgings, and exquisite dining Fort Ross can meet the tastes of the most demanding traveler.


A Place of Tranquility and Culture

L1030408Fort Ross is a beautiful site located 80 miles north of San Francisco. It proves to be a destination point and a hidden gem – a place of serenity, calmness and tranquility to escape from the everyday life.

Relax while experiencing its rich history and enjoying some of best wines from the Fort Ross Winery located nearby. You won’t believe how quiet it can be!


Young Supporters of Fort Ross

Fort Ross is a family-friendly park for all the people to enjoy. There is a variety of events pertaining to the children of different ages – crafts, pirogi making, historic reenactments, apple picking and so much more. Renova Fort Ross Foundation has been active in supporting the exchange programs between American and Russian youth and community organizations such as the Irkutsk Fort Ross Club and SURF.