Reviews of Bobby 7s Online Slot Games

Bobby 7s is a delightful game that is based on everyone’s favorite coppers, the bobbies, and it is one of the most colorful slots that NextGen has to offer. For those of you who aren’t aware, the officers of the Metropolitan Police in London are referred to as “bobbies” in the vernacular. NextGen’s decision to combine bobbies with 7s, a symbol with a long and storied history in the world of slot machines, is one of the most fascinating aspects of this game.

In the past, slots were not very complicated at all. On a machine, there were three reels, and each of them spun whenever the lever was pushed. You wouldn’t find all of the unique symbols like wilds and scatters on the reels itself as you do nowadays. Instead, the original slot machines employed symbols such as diamonds, 7s, and fruits; this is why they were referred to as fruities in a more colloquial sense. NextGen has made the decision to bring back and “remix” that idea in the Bobby 7s slot by creating a game that is centered on policemen and robbers while also including a touch of 7s.

The Bobby 7s slot machine has a return to player percentage of 95.15 percent with a level of volatility that falls in between moderate and medium. It is a slot machine that can be played on a variety of mobile devices and places more of an emphasis on having fun than on winning. Even if it’s not a slot machine that gives out huge winnings, playing casino games should still be enjoyable, right? In addition to that, you have cartoonish action of the police and criminals, which seems to be rather enjoyable to us.

Controls and Configuration for Bobby 7’s Slot Machine

Given that the theme of the game is cops and crooks, you can probably figure out what the symbols on the reels will be. The Bobby 7s online slot game from Nextgen has a relatively straightforward appearance, design-wise. There are 25 different paylines that may be adjusted, along with 5 reels that are adorned with cartoon fruit symbols, bobbies, robbers, and the one-of-a-kind Police, Judge, and Crook 7s. You may be asking what they are, and the answer is that they are sevens dressed up as each of these characters.

With a maximum wager of $200 per line and a betting range that goes all the way up to a staggering $5,000 each spin, the Bobby 7s slot machine is ideal not just for beginners but also for seasoned slot gamers. You should not anticipate winning significant amounts of money when playing this slot machine since it has a low-to-medium volatility. Even while the highest potential win is far smaller than what you’ll often find at the greatest online slots sites, there is still a chance that you may win rewards that are 500 times the amount that you bet if you have a lot of luck.

The wild card in this game is represented by an animated bobby, and the scatter symbol, which is a thief or robber, is what initiates the extra round. With this symbol, you have the potential to win up to 20 free games in the game, all of which will have their payouts doubled. However, the actual huge winnings are hidden in the 7s aspects of the game. Every time they show up on the screen, the Police, Judge, and Crook 7s will provide you with a unique feature. These features will either increase your multiplier or provide you with more opportunities to win significant amounts of money.

When it comes to the fundamentals of the game, it’s not too complicated. You should be able to earn a win practically every time you spin the reels if you adjust your wager and play carefully. Every time you get a winning combination that includes a wild, the symbol will come to life and represent an irate police officer giving chase to a thief.

Bonus Functions & Free Spins on the Bobby 7s Slot Machine

You need to keep an eye out for the 7s while you’re playing this slot machine if you want to increase your chances of winning large and having fun. Every one of them comes with a unique perk that, when used correctly, may be very beneficial to your financial situation.

The first one to appear is the Police 7 feature. If you get three of them anywhere on reels 1, 2, or 3, you’ll be able to play an HI-LO game that might help you move up the cash ladder. Have you ever tried your hand at HI-LO? You have to guess whether the next number coming up will be a high number or a low number in this game. If your predictions are true, you will advance up the ladder on the screen and get a reward at the same time. The Police 7 bonus game is the most lucrative of them all, with a maximum payout that is equal to five hundred times your initial bet. It would seem that number 7 has a lot of good luck.

The Judge 7 symbol must appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 for the feature to activate. The judge will then hammer his gavel down, just like in the movies, which will result in an immediate increase in your multiplier. The amount that your wager will be multiplied by is determined by the number of times he bangs his gavel, with the maximum possible increase being five times. In contrast to the previous feature, this one does not call for any action on your side; it is really straightforward.

The Crook 7 feature is the last bonus round that may be triggered in the Bobby 7s slot machine. If you get three thieves on the third, fourth, and fifth reels, you get to choose a thief and take his or her riches. It is possible that the criminal you choose will give you stuff that is worth forty times your original wager, which is certainly not a bad return at all.